Lasagesse Morning Glory
English Toy Terrier


Lasagesse Morning Glory makes her show debut Nov 2018

We first came across English Toy Terriers several years ago at discover dogs at Crufts and fell in love with them but as we already had 3 dogs, we never pursued my dream.

But then, in 2017, I got my first ETT. Several of our now English Toy Terrier friends said “one is never enough” and sure enough they were right.

In May 2018 Lasagesse Morning Glory was born and on the 14th July we brought our little girl Margot home with us.

She settled in with our other 3 dogs almost instantly and saw my other English Toy Terrier, Lizzie, as an adoptive mother and have become inseparable, although at times she tries pushing the boundaries!

Margot loves everyone and everything and learns incredibly fast. The garden is a favourite of hers and she often dissappears behind shrubs or the greenhouse doing her perimeter check, usually returning with leaves or twigs which she then shreds in the back room.

She had her first competition at 6 months and 1 day where she got placed 2nd in the 2 classes she was entered in (I actually think she was smiling on the table).

Nothing seems to phase this little diamond and we are so excited for her future. I have had various breeds of Terriers throughout my life, all of which had individual characters but English Toy Terriers win hands down (or should I say paws?).

Nessie Love

Owner and Handler of Lasagesse Morning Glory




Mr Graeme & Mrs Lisa Dixon


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