Would an English Toy Terrier suit you?

Common Questions and Answers

Do English Toy Terriers make good family pets?


This small but intelligent little dog can make an excellent family pet if trained and socialsed correctly. 

Can an English Toy Terrier live happily with other dogs?

Yes They are generally very social dogs happy to live and interact with their own breed or other breeds.  

How big is an English Toy Terrier?

Small Fully grown, ETTs stand 30cm heigh and weigh somewhere between 3kg – 6kg. 

Do English Toy Terriers have any major health problems?

Ett’s are generally fit and healthy dogs with few known heritable diseases. Other than grooming, worming, nail triming & teeth cleaning they require little maintenance

How much exercise does an English Toy Terrier need?

30 minutes per day

In terms of exercise, ETTs are fairly low maintenance. The great thing about them is these tough little dogs will walk for miles and miles with you and never tire, but they’re equally happy sleeping in.

How do English Toy Terriers react to other animals?

Given their natural inbuilt instinct to hunt and kill vermin if can be difficult to get them to happily live alongside small furry animals or birds. Early life socialisation with animals of this type would be required to make a success of such cohabitation.

How long do English Toy Terriers live?

Over 12 years ETTs can live over 12 years, some up to 16!

What environment would an English Toy Terrier be best suited to?

Any ETTs will do well pretty much anywhere! Town or countryside, house or apartment. They don’t need a lot of room and are quite happy anywhere as long as they have good company. They’re very much a companion dog and don’t do well if left alone for long periods.

Do English Toy Terriers require a garden?

No Aslong as they have access to other outdoor spaces, their own garden isn’t essential.

How much grooming does an ETT need?

Once a week

ETTs need minimal grooming due to their short coat.

Is the English Toy Terrier a rare breed?

Yes Sadly, you’ll find the ETT on the Kennel Club’s Vulnerable Native Breeds list, with only 102 registered puppies in 2016.

Do English Toy Terriers shed?

Yes ETTs do shed, but very little.

Which breed group does the English Toy Terrier belong to?

Toy The ETT falls into the toy group but don’t be fooled, these little dogs are all terrier.